Family owned and operated Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano is defined by its passionate dedication to making traditional Napoletana pizza…a craft that originated in Naples, Italy over 200 years ago.  The pizza itself has become a major cultural icon of that city.  Associations such as the Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) arose locally in Naples to preserve and promote high standards of excellence in pizza-making.  They have set the gold standard of excellence for serious pizza restaurateurs and “pizzaiolos” (pizza makers) everywhere.  We are proud to have our very own pizzaiolo, Peter, who is VPN certified.  Peter enthusiastically pursues his craft of creating pizzas that rival any in Naples.

Bruno's Wood Fired Oven

Pizzeria Bruno's Wood Fired Oven

At Pizzeria Bruno the pies are baked in an exclusively wood-fired brick domed oven (we had it custom built in Naples by family craftsmen).  The pizzas are cooked directly on the oven’s volcanic surface at exceptionally high temperatures reaching more than 900 degrees.  The dough is prepared in house using specialty flour and natural yeast and then hand-stretched to perfection.  The sauce is straight-forward and prepared using specialty San Marzano tomatoes, which are grown in the volcanic ash rich soil of Mount Vesuvius.  Our mozzarella is always fresh and we especially like the mozzarella di bufala from Italy.  Top quality parmigiano, fontina, gorgonzola and ricotta round out our delectable cheese selections.  Following the tradition of Naples pizza, we use only the best quality cured meats, some of which are made right here in San Diego, like our fennel sausage—it’s to live for!!  Of course, we are very picky about olive oil and cook only with the best EVO.  The end result is a creative, unique flavorful pizza with a soft crust yielding just the right amount of crunch.

We also offer an outstanding selection of moderately priced wines chosen from small family-owned estates throughout Italy.

We can’t say more….the proof is in the pizza.


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